Leather Options

Our leather selection for bespoke.

Taurillon Lagun

One of the finest and most sought leather for a softer look. This elegant full grain leather tanned in France of Europe origin calf. Taurillon lagun leather is mineraly tanned and semi-aniline, also known as clemence. Soft handfeel and matte appearance.

Tanned in France

Epsom Leather

This epsom leather is well-known for its embossing pattern. Tanned in France, it is full grain calf leather with embossed pattern, stiffer than our Lagun option, yet it is still soft on the hand and also maintain its shape longer for handbags. For a sturdier leather goods.

Tanned in France

Togo Leather

Shrunken calf leather from German Tannery. High quality full grain leather that is sturdy and maintan its shape. The tanning itself takes about 150 hours and you know for sure this is of finest quality.

Smaller leather than Taurillon Lagun.

Tanned in Germany

Buffle Sherpa

Buffalo Sherpa is a mineral tanned, full grain, semi-aniline drummed leather. It has double tone colours that accentuates the natural skin of the buffalo. This buffalo grain has small and big grains naturally, so makes every piece has its own uniqueness.

Tanned in France

Nappa Calf

Full grain leather tanned in Italy. Stiffer,soft and natural smooth grain and has a little shine appearance

Tanned in Italy

Taurillon Maia

Maia is a mineral tanned leather, full grain semi-aniline, originating from the best breeding regions of Europe.It is a matte and smooth item with a supple and natural hand.Its flower close to silk and the finesse of its grain.

Tanned in France

Chevre Sully

Full grain goatskin from France, vegetable tanned. From the famous tannery which has been producing some of the finest goat leather for luxury brands for over 100 years.

Stiffer, satin appearance, can be used for outer and inner bags. Shinier appearance and stiffer leather. For smaller leather goods.

Tanned in France

Chevre Saffian

Full grain goat leather from the same tannery in France as our chevre sully option. Well known for its criss cross pattern embossed grain. Shinier appearance and stiffer leather yet still soft in hand.

For smaller items and bags option.

Tanned in France